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Company benefits/employees


On December 31, 2014, more than 500 colleagues of jinxin company gathered together to hold the 2015 Spring Festival gala, summed up the work of the past, and Shared a beautiful future, and sang our friendship













June 2014 Beijing tour:

The elite of the crystal reach the capital of tian 'anmen, the imperial palace, badaling...Visit the great river mountain of the motherland, ancient people's grand design and architecture is breathtaking!

The elites in the crystal state are looking to the great, the history, the present, the future...


The elite of the crystal arrive at the capital of tian 'anmen, the imperial palace, badaling, and visit the great country of the motherland...The grand design and architecture of the ancients are impressive!Inspire people to cherish and pursue the better life!









In 2013, the eastern Chinese city of China swam on the 2nd day

















Guilin landscape in 2012









A trip to hainan in 2011










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